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We pride ourselves on selling the highest quality products at affordable prices. We sell only high quality bark mulch--no tree limbs, leaves, stumps, etc in our mulch. You can pickup from our lot or we will deliver to your home, business or construction site. A delivery charge will apply and we can deliver any amount up to 20 yards, depending on the product.

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Bedding Soil This product is a mixture of screened topsoil and soil conditioner.  Ideal for flower or vegetable gardens.  Also good for planting shrubs and trees.
Screened Topsoil A rich brown soil that has been screened to remove as much debris as possible.  Suitable for multiple applications. 
Fill Dirt (currently not avail) Red dirt to fill in areas.  Great for building up an area.  Packs well.
Soil Conditioner A supremely rich, organic black dirt, high in nitrogen. Use as a top dressing for your lawn, in flower beds or vegetable gardens for an unbelievable result!  Excellent, cheaper, more rich alternative to bagged soil conditioners
Shredded Mix Pine and soft hardwood blend, light brown to medium brown color
Single Ground Hardwood A blend of hardwoods ground one time for a nice finished look for your lawn. Coarseness varies based on time of year.  Many folks sometimes confuse with a double ground mulch.
Double Ground Hardwood Finely ground blend of hardwoods, works well in flowerbeds.  Many consider to be a triple ground
Pine Bark Nuggets A nice mixture of pine bark nugget sizes.  Brown in color
Shredded Pine Bark An alternative to mini pine bark, clean, long lasting product
Playground Mulch Ground recycled wood fiber, cleaned. Blonde in color.  All wood, no bark. IPEMA certified for playgrounds
Dyed Mulch Recycled wood fiber, dyed with a non-toxic dye. Available in red, brown or black. All wood, no bark.
River Sand Course sand out of local rivers and creeks, great for gardens.  Has been screened although it may contain some small pebbles, fresh water clam shells or other small debris.
Mortar/play Sand Fine, clean sand used in mixing mortar or in play areas. Also used as sublayer for walkways, patios and swimming pools
Gravel 1 1/2" - 1 3/4" Washed stone, great for driveways, walks or drainage
Alabama Red Rock A naturally occurring rock found in Alabama.  Resembles brick chips 3/4"-11/4" average size
Decorative White Rock This rock is great for all sorts of areas. Landscape beds, walkways, poolside anywhere you need stone this is a great option. Though white is the dominant color, the subtle mix of colors makes this a beautiful stone.

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