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Brick Chips Are Here

After a couple of years where we didn't have brick chips in stock, I have decided to carry them again.  I had stopped because of the increased cost for the chips but after so many requests and finally having a bin available to store them, I have put them back in.  While, they are pricey the brick chips provide a long term solution to mulching.  They are a nice mix of sizes and are the traditional red in color.  Come check them out today!

Not Sure How Much Material You Need?

Try Our Product Calculator

We have added a new online tool to our website. Simply click on the 'Product Calculator' on the menu, enter the dimensions of the area to be mulched and click to calculate how much product you need to complete your job.  This tool currently works only with Internet Explorer.

Looking For Color That Will Last?

Have you noticed that after a few months your mulch has turned gray and doesn't look nearly as good as when it was installed? Anytime you install a bark mulch within 6-8 months what was dark brown or black when you first spread it will become gray. An alternative is to use a dyed recycled wood mulch. While the wood hasn't been treated to prevent any kind of weeds or insects the long lasting dyed that is used to color the wood provides for good color for up to two years. We have dark brown, black and red in stock today!

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This is an area in need of remulching...
This is an area in need of re-mulching...

...and the finished product
...and the finished product. Imagine the possibilities!

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